End Line Relocation & Can Line 2 Case Study

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Amcor Beverage Cans Ltd
End Line Relocation & Second Can Line
End User:
Amcor Beverage Cans Ltd
40M plant upgrade

Innovative Engineering Solutions

Project Summary

Amcor Beverage Cans Ltd engaged our services to relocate and upgrade an aluminium can end line. Our assignment was to relocate 8 can making machines, including 2 presses, and connect their Control Panels, Mains and Services, as well as QA and Admin facilities. Safety upgrades on the presses were also undertaken and the project was completed in 2010 with minimal disturbance to the busy plant.  Following on from this we were engaged to deliver the engineering and project management for a new high capacity can production line. 


  • Major plant upgrade to maximize footprint, for installation of a new can manufacture line:
  • Relocate 8 Can Making machines, including 2 presses
  • Relocate and reconnect 8 MCC control panels with Rockwell PLC5 PLC’s
  • Relocate Mains and Services, as well as QA and Admin facilities
  • Conduct safety upgrades on Presses


  • Minimize impact on production (maximum 2-week window for shutdown)
  • Significant re-routing of cabling due to realignment of the production line
  • Major mechanical engineering on the presses, reducing time frame available


  • Project Management
  • Rockwell PLC5
  • Health & Safety
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Machine Safety
  • Commissioning

This project was successfully executed on schedule mid-2010. This was due to attention to detail and thorough planning throughout all stages of the project. NZ Controls provided Electrical & Commissioning engineering and project management, assembling a team of experienced industrial electricians to ensure this challenging project was a success.