Refrigeration Sortation Tunnels Case Study

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Veron Technologies
Meats Refrigeration Sortation Tunnels
End User:
Kilcoy Pastoral Company

Innovation Solution

Project Summary

Veron Technologies engaged our services to work with Kilcoy Pastoral Company. Our assignment was to create greater efficiencies with an incredibly unique meat production line that not only stores products, but also sorts them into common groups. With an innovative approach and attention to detail, we delivered a solution that sees product move from the boning room to refrigerator tunnels, sorting between chilled and frozen products. This process continues until shelves are full of like products, which are then sent to a palletiser.


  • 2 x ControlLogix PLC’s
  • 2 x RSView Scada’s
  • 40 x Servo Drives, 4 sets of Master/ Slave
  • 80 x VSD Drives
  • 10 x DOL motors
  • 500+ I/O
  • 2 x Ethernet remote I/O
  • 9 x Barcode Scanners
  • Communication to a high level SQL database


  • Dealing with a unique machine that not only stores product, but also sorts it into common products
  • Two Sorting refrigeration tunnels – one for chilled product the other for frozen product
  • System capable of storing 70,000 cartons, can sort 12,000 per day
  • Major mechanical engineering on the presses, reducing time frame available


Conveyors carry product from the boning room to the refrigeration tunnels, sorting between chilled and frozen. Once product is in its respective tunnels, it is circulated until a shelf has a completed common product, which can then be discharged to a palletiser.